Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Proves Unicorns Will Still Reign in 2017

After completely taking control of our appeal regimens in 2016, our love for unicorns survives in the new year. Christian Louboutin Appeal Loubichrome Toenail Polish basically simply sealed it. We’re guaranteed followers of anything the high-fashion business makes for our lips or pointers, mainly because everything, such as its fragrance bottles as well as lip glosses, appears like it belongs in the elegance gallery of our dreams. Nevertheless, these metallic gloss are definitely not something we expected from Christian Louboutin.

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The trademark spike applicator of Christian Louboutin Beauty’s gloss is generally silver. (Louboutin told Allure in a past meeting that he designed it after the greatest heel he’s ever before made, in case you were wondering.) But with the metallic gloss, the applicator obtained a holographic, oil spill-like upgrade. TBH, it looks similar to a unicorn horn, and also we can’t stop looking at it. Do you believe the brilliant developer behind it saw the unicorn makeup brushes that blew up Instagram a couple months back.

Not just are we enthralled by the product packaging, the actual polish is quite impressive, as well. You do not should apply practically a lots layers to produce a nontransparent, metal look like numerous shimmery shades. Rather, the formula is extremely pigmented. You could make use of just one coat for the complete unicorn impact. As you can see above, the Christian Louboutin Elegance Loubichrome Fingernail Polish can be found in three duo-chrome shades. Loubichrome I is a lemon-lime with silver as well as gold glimmer. I matched it with a deep burgundy color for a half-moon-style manicure, and also the shade took on more of a yellow-gold color. There’s likewise a cherry red with a cotton-candy pink shift called Loubichrome II, as well as my personal favorite, Loubichrome III. The violet shade is flecked with red, lilac, and blue glitter, and also I intend to wear it every day of 2017.

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At $30 each, these polishes are the least expensive products in the Christian Louboutin Beauty collection. So if you have yet to have some Loubs in your life (or need some more), you can shop them currently at

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